Woodlands Booster Connections

Four Heads Are Better Than One!

Woodlands Fire Multi-port Booster

The Woodlands Fire Multi-port Booster has been developed in association with relevant authorities and civil engineers to answer the most important aspects of fire protection systems. Not only proven on paper but in the field, the results show benefits of economy and speed with overall efficiency levels

There are two types of fuel that are under the influence of designers, the building fabric and its contents


('Four heads are better than one' principle)

A simple application using a minimum number of men and fully utilising your existing pumper

  1. Woodlands pavement hydrant (Using only 100mm outlet)
  2. Inlet manifold featuring relief valve and shut-off valve.
  3. Viking manifold (Instantly adapted to your vehicle).
  4. Dividing Breech to four monitors.

NOTE: A number of lengths of hose and vehicles can be joined to extend the hose over long distances. To protect your equipment, relief valves can be fitted on request.


Ring Main System using a Multi-port Booster.

A permanent ring main application using a Woodlands Fire Multi-port Booster & Tamper proof Hydrants.

  1. Multi-port Booster.
  2. Check/Non-return valve.
  3. Woodlands Tamper proof or Hand Wheel Hydrant.
  4. Hose Reels.
  5. Pillar Hydrant & Isolating Valve.
  6. Pumper.

Using the Woodlands Fire Multi-port Booster allows ring mains pressure to be raised above city mains pressure by pumper.
Obviously numerous other applications and situations could be catered for to suit a variety of environments. This basic overview gives some idea of general application.

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