Fire Water Storage Tanks and Pumps

Additional Backup Water Storage Tanks, May Be a Good Idea

Do You Have a Backup Plan?

Classen on Fire’s fire protection water storage tanks are an excellent, cost effective storage solution ensuring water is readily available should a fire emergency occur. Our water storage fire tanks will store and pump the required water supply direct to your indoor sprinkler system to ensure any unexpected fires are controlled, and sprinkler systems are always fully operational.

Our fire storage tanks are strong and resilient, made from zincalume to ensure durability and high resistance to corrosion. Lined with a South African Water Quality Centre approved lining, these tanks provide an eco-friendly optional rainwater harvesting storage facility that is safe for long-term water storage, low maintenance and convenient.

Each commercial and industrial building must have various individual fire safety measures in place collaborated closely with a fire engineer – as required for insurance purposes. Once specific safety requirements have been established, Classen on Fire will ensure your fire storage tanks are installed and fully operational – meeting all water pressure, flow rate and sprinkler duration requirements for your building.

Our fire tanks can also backed-up with an automated diesel engine system, resulting in reliable and fully operational sprinkler system to control any unexpected fire outbreak – even in the event of electrical failure.

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