Fire Reticulation/Mains

Firefighting equipment and water reticulation is critical in case of a fires.

Red Pipes Everywhere!

By working closely with consulting fire safety engineers a system can be designed and implemented in the most cost effective way. Classen on Fire provide a range of services including supply, installation, testing and maintenance. We will supply and install any underground or above ground main fire water reticulation including the supply and installation of booster connections, fire hydrants, hose reels and fire extinguishers.

A Fire Extinguisher can be the difference between a small inconvenience and a life-changing event.


The Right Placement Could Save Your Life

Portable fire extinguishers must be installed in all workplaces whether it’s an office, factory or warehouse even if other fire protection measures are in place. An early response to a fire and the success rate of extinguishing it, will depend on where the fire extinguisher is situated, proper maintenance, and trained users.


Firefighting 101

Fire hydrants and hose reels in a building provide a ready means by which a jet of water can be delivered to any part of the building for the purpose of firefighting. Mostly used in the commercial sector such as hotels, schools, malls etc…​


Family Comes First

Every family should have fire extinguishers strategically placed in rooms such as the kitchen, garage workshops and pantries, and all family members including domestic workers should know where they are situated and how to use them.


When Trying To Fight a Fire, It's important to succeed...

Don’t just hang your extinguisher on the wall or in the cupboard and forget about it. It is important to do periodic checks that the pressure is at an acceptable level. Always read the instruction manual and know your extinguisher’s capabilities before trying to fight a fire. Portable extinguishers are useful for putting out small fires, but always know the limits of the extinguisher.

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