Fire Insurance Requirements

Fire insurance provides extra protection, on top of what your insurance policy would normally cover, in the event of losses or damages to your property.

Why is Fire Insurance Necessary?

Fire insurance, much like the named peril, covers accidents that result in fire. So, if there was a short circuit in your apartment that caused a fire, you’re covered. If the source that caused the fire isn’t covered by insurance (i.e. a flood somehow caused a fire to break out destroying your things), you’d also be covered.

A typical fire policy also includes additional coverage for smoke or water damage to your place and your stuff, sometimes for even up to a year. This isn’t covered by standard home or renters’ policies


Don't Play With Fire

This may be stating the obvious, but the only time your insurance won’t cover a fire is if you, or anyone on your policy, caused the fire on purpose – that’s considered negligence and/or arson, something never covered in insurance indeed seen as illegal.

When Accidents Happen

What If Your Building Burns Down?

For example, if a fire forces you out of your home or business, anything above your normal daily expenses will be covered (laundry service, meals out if you usually eat in, and hotel costs). Just be sure to keep all the receipts so your insurance company can reimburse you when you file a claim!

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