Fire Equipment Inspections

Fire equipment inspection are to be conducted monthly to ensure that fire equipment in certain locations are in good working condition.

Why is Regular Equipment Inspection Essential?

A fire extinguisher inspection is conducted monthly to ensure that fire extinguishers in a certain location are in good working condition. It is usually conducted by a external professional or an organization’s own safety officers as part of an overall fire safety strategy. Over 90% of fires in commercial properties are extinguished early on by members of the public using a fire extinguisher. Even a single malfunctioning fire extinguisher can put countless lives at risk.

There are two types of fuel that are under the influence of designers, the building fabric and its contents.


When Was The Last Time Your Equipment Was Inspected?

A safety officer’s job is to perform regular fire extinguisher inspections and maintain up to date records to keep buildings and tenants safe. It is critical that a safety officer knows how to efficiently perform a fire extinguisher inspection, is aware of the most common issues identified during an inspection and knows how to respond accordingly.


Where There's Smoke

Fire extinguishers can become clogged or require excessive force to discharge, meaning they can either work to a substandard degree or even completely fail to activate during a fire emergency. In sum, the specific thing that fire extinguishers are meant to do, these might completely fail at. Fires aren’t big on “do-overs,” either.

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